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''I believe the teaching of a Martial Art is a privilege not to be abused. It should be practical and it should be sincere...''

Steve Rowlands 
6th Dan Jiu-jitsu

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My name is Steve Rowlands and I am a 6th Dan Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. As well as serving in HM forces for 18 years I ran a successful security business and have encountered violence first hand more times than I care to remember. Due to my training I have survived life threatening encounters and I am still hear to talk about them.

mbark on a truely rewarding martial arts journey so that if the unthinkable should happen to you, you too will stand a better chance of survival !

Welcome to the web site of Bury Martial Arts situated opposite the small B&Q / Home Bargains  at Crostons, Victoria street - 
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We have been providing practical and effective Martial Art, Self Defence and Anti Bullying tuition in Bury for over 10 years. We have adults from all walks of life and kids from every primary school in Bury as well as neighbouring towns. Be sure to click on the 'Combat Jujitsu' & 'Kids Martial Arts' tabs for some sample videos.

If you're already studying a martial art ask yourself this:

1. Can I apply this technique in a real fight against a striking opponent?

2. Is this technique energy efficient enough to be applied against a larger opponent? 

3. Is this technique based on movements that are natural for my body?

4. Am I open to attack through lack of control and lines of defence duing the execution of this technique?

These are our core principles. If you cannot answer “yes” to all four questions, then you run the risk of learning a technique that could lead to your demise and serious injury in a street self-defence situation. 

At Bury Martial Arts Academy, our primary mission is self defence... We teach techniques that were developed many years ago to be effective on the battlefield. These techniques have evolved and are used in military and law enforcment agencies all over the world today. We are very careful not to practice or teach any techniques that violate our core principles. Few schools, if any, share this concern... 

In addition to holding a 6th Degree Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu, I have achieved varying degrees of Black Belt in Aiki Justu, Taekwondo (WTF), Hapkido, Aikido, Kyusho Jutsu (Pressure Point Fighting), Kubudo (Weaponry) and have studied many more, Russian Systema, Karate, BJJ, Krav Mega, Boxing, Muay Thai etc etc etc.

As well as adult tuition of Combat Ju-Jitsu we also invest in the future through our younger kid's classes 'Little Dragons' (+4), 'Little Ninjas' (+7) and Junior Jujitsu (+11). Here we combine techniques of Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Ju-Jitsu to give an overall ''martial art experience''

Different methods of tuition are employed within the various classes to ensure efficient knowledge transfer... When it comes to our younger members our goal is simple - 'Bullyproof' them !... 

Please click on this Facebook link and 'like' the Bury Martial Arts Academy page. It is an open page and is kept up to date. It will help raise our profile and will also open a portal for communication.


Please do not mistake us for the recently opened franchise - Family Martial Arts cash generator around the corner at the traffic lights... If you are coming from Bolton drive past and take the next left, if you are coming from the other side of Bury turn right at Blockbusters.

We DO NOT condone the methods of Martial Arts franchise businesses and the high pressure sales and crass marketing techniques which they employ...  Our fees are 75% lower & we have no long term commitments most of all we teach what we say we teach. Check the "Class times" page for pricing and "My Philosophy" page for my opinion on this type of so called Franchised Martial Artists... if you're interested.

Dragons 2

Little Dragons

Junior Ju-Jitsu

Bury Times 7th June


Bike thieves pick on the wrong man

TWO would-be thieves got more than they bargained for — when they picked on a martial arts black belt.

The yobs attacked 16-year-old Jonathan Ratcliffe in Dow Lane, Elton, as we walked his girlfriend home.

They tried to wrestle Jonathan’s bicycle from him, but the Tottington High School pupil stood his ground. After one of the men punched him in the face, Jonathan punched him back and he and his accomplice fled.

Jonathan’s uncle, Steven Rowlands, paid tribute to his nephew for showing such bravery. Mr Rowlands, of Lowercroft, is a tutor at Scorpion Jujitsu, in Victoria Street, Bury, where Jonathan trains.

He said: “I was so angry to think that these lads are out on the street targeting people and it was great that Jonathan was able to fend them off “I mentioned it on Facebook and many people have responded to congratulate him for defending himself.” He added: “Jonathan’s martial arts training definitely came into play and he has used it very well and showed courage. It shows how useful it can be. This is exactly why we teach martial arts to young people.”

Jonathan, who has been training in martial arts for nine years, said: “They came out of an alleyway and I heard one say to the other ‘go and get it’ and I knew what they wanted. One came up to me and tried to get the bike off me and the other one tried to hit me in the face, but I managed to hit him back and they ran off. I wasn’t scared, I was just focused, which is what the training prepares you for.

“My girlfriend was okay. She called the police as it was happening and the incident has now been reported. I think you have to use your judgement in situations like these. I would’ve have backed off if there were more of them or if they had weapons.”

The assault took place at 9pm on May 28. Both attackers were aged about 18, white and were wearing black balaclavas, black shirts and black tracksuit bottoms. The man who struck Jonathan was 5ft 11ins tall and skinny, while the other was 6ft tall with a more stocky build.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.


0161 761 1126
07590 577 619

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